Tuesday, June 10, 2014 1:11:00 PM

We are sitting down and stretching out with one of our favorite Juicy Sport ambassadors. 


JC: What’s your fave new workout trend?

AA: I am a HUGE fan of doing group classes or anything that you can do with a friend. I love spinning, soul cycle and flywheel are so fun and I can’t get enough of anything where there’s loud music pumping.

JC: What body part do you focus on most while working out?

AA: I love working out my legs, and lower body. I get a lot of upper body strength from paddling, so when I’m in the gym I focus on my legs and booty. So I do a lot of squats, step ups, and lunges.

JC: Is your gym beauty routine sweat proof or high glam?

AA: I’d say I go for something that’s both high glam and sweat proof! I try to look cute and wear waterproof mascara and some tinted moisturizer even if I’m going to the gym, you never know who you’ll meet. I usually have gym in my schedule where I’m meeting friends after or going out so I like to be able to roll straight from the gym and do something fun.

JC: What’s the number one calorie-burner on your playlist?

AA: Right now I love Martin Garrix ‘Animals’ and anything heavy bass driven.

JC: Gym selfie — do or don’t?

AA: Definite DO! Try to take a selfie before you get super sweaty. It shows that you are athletic and fun, who doesn’t love that?

JC: What are your gym bag essentials?

AA: Deodorant, headphones, coconut water, a Juicy Couture Sport Sports Bra and tinted moisturizer.

JC: Do you have a fantasy workout buddy?

AA: I’d love to work out with Gisele Bundchen, she has an amazing body and is always active.

JC: Confession: “I told my friends/boyfriend I was at the gym, but I was really…”

AA: Shopping…. or at at the mall. Hey walking around the mall counts though?