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Do It | Pressed Juicery

LA’s new main squeeze. Find out what all the hype’s about!


While Beverly Hills Juice will forever be LA’s original juice club, a series of first-rate contenders have come to town serving their own best fresh squeeze. Our personal favorite is Pressed Juicery. While it might have the smallest premiere location, situated at a walk up window in the ever-so-charming Brentwood Town Center, it is the first juice place to grace The Westside.

It’s a first-rate healthy hangout in Los Angeles for a number of reasons, including the fact that there’s no better combination than a morning class at the nearby Maha Yoga followed by a fresh Pressed Juice. We simply adore the three LA natives who started it, Hayden Slater, Carly Brien, and Heidi Gores, for their business sensibility, entrepreneurial spirit and true knowledge of health and wellness. We recently chatted with them to get the low down on what this juice craze is all about….

JC: We hear you are all LA natives, is that true?

PJ: Yes—born and raised!

JC: How did you get into the Juicing business? 

PJ: About four years ago, all three of us were working in entertainment. Carly was a film publicist in New York, Hayden was in LA working at HBO and on the side creating original content with Heidi. We had all separately been juicing every day for a couple of years and had felt clearer and healthier than ever, having gone to various wellness centers all over the world for self-improvement and learning about the benefits of cleansing on our own. We each felt the introduction to wellness was changing our lives, so the three of us started talking and decided we might want to do something together. We thought of many ideas including wellness centers and yoga studios, but we kept coming back to how juice was the basis for all of the turnarounds we had had, and we thought, let’s just start simple. There were no pressed juice shops on the Westside, and no one doing what we envisioned. We all decided this was it—it was simple and could introduce people to health at its most basic level. We took a year off together and just worked on our plan, opened our first store in November 2010…and now here we are.

JC: How did you choose Brentwood as your first location?

PJ: Hayden and Carly both grew up within a block of the Brentwood Country Mart and have gone there since they were kids. When a space opened up in the Brentwood Town Center (right next door) underneath Maha Yoga, we jumped at the chance. We know the area and felt it would be perfect for the regulars in the neighborhood. The westside was definitely in need of some fresh juice options!

JC: What are the top health benefits of Juicing? Are you all avid Juice drinkers and do you see these results?

PJ: We all juice on a daily basis. One of the many reasons we started Pressed was because of the amazing results we each found from our own juicing practices. The enzymes in fresh pressed juice activate so many important functions in your body, leading to (among many others!) increased energy, weight loss, skin clarity, improved liver and kidney function, and immune system support.

JC: Juicing has become a huge diet craze in LA…was this your intention when opening the store?

PJ: Not at all. We really don’t look at Pressed as a means to diet, although we know many of our customers have lost weight drinking our products. Our intention was really to get people to start incorporating juice into their lives, and from there be inspired to get healthy in all areas of their lives on a regular basis. Weight loss is an added perk of having a healthy diet, but it usually backfires if that is the only goal. At Pressed Juicery, we encourage moderation and believe that when your body is in balance and rid of toxins you naturally set yourself on a path towards your ideal weight and flourishing health.

JC: How would you suggest incorporating Pressed Juicery into a regular diet? Do you replace your meals with a juice or work them in another way?

PJ: People incorporate the juices in many different ways. For many people, a green juice is part of breakfast in the morning. For others, it takes the place of their entire meal. Because the calorie count is so low, we recommend that on a normal basis, customers add a green juice a day and make healthy choices for their regular meals. We also encourage cleansing in a way that works for each individual. For some people, a traditional three- or five-day juice cleanse works once every couple of months, and for others they like to do a whole day of juicing on a bi-monthly basis. It really depends on the person and what their routine is like, how much they exercise, etc. We definitely recommend drinking at least one green vegetable juice per day.

JC: Which juices are your current best sellers? 

PJ: All of our Greens juices are best-sellers, along with Detox 2 (Pineapple, Green Apple, Mint) and Almond Milk.

JC: Which are each of your favorites?

PJ: Hedi’s favorite is Greens 1, Hayden’s is Greens 2, and Carly’s is Greens 3

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Photos courtesy of Biz Urban.