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Do It | DIY Dip Dye

Spruce up your summer shorts with a DIY that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

950x658_What you'll need
950x658_Bleach set up
950x658_In Bleach
950x658_Washing shorts
950x658_Finished shorts

Bored of your summer shorts? Feeling creative? This is a DIY anyone can accomplish.

What you’ll need:

Clorox Bleach

2 buckets (one for the bleach, one for water)

Heavy duty gloves (you don’t want to mess with bleach without them!)

Whatever denim item you’re dipping (we’re using shorts)

A hanger or yard stick (you can stick the yard stick through the belt holes to hold the shorts over the bucket)


1. Mix two parts water, one part bleach in a bucket. Fill the other bucket with water.

2. Dip your item into the bleach. Keep your eyes on it and remove the item when you’re satisfied, roughly 5-15 minutes. *Note that lighter colors will bleach faster and that the bleach continues to climb (approx. 2 inches) beyond where it appears to have dyed.

3. Transfer the item directly into water bucket, then rinse in cold water in the bathtub or sink. Run though the laundry (also on cold, without other items in the load) and enjoy!