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Behind the Couture | One-on-One with Karlie Kloss

We know it’s rude to brag…but we just spent three full days with KK. She dishes on dancing, cookies and being late to work.

The dish: She is absolutely gorgeous (well, duh) and stunning at every angle. She oozes with charisma in front of the camera, in her dressing room and, well, basically from sunrise to sunset. She has the body of a goddess and she can bake!

At just 19, Karlie Kloss is arguably fashion’s No. 1 girl. The Chicago-native and current New Yorker possesses a tough sexiness that LA girls sometimes lack. And, she’s impossibly down to earth for someone who was discovered at age 13 and has since traveled the globe mugging for the world’s top fashion photographers. Kloss talked to us about being a protective older sister, going to prom and how unrequited love broke her 7th grade heart. (Hello! How sorry is that guy now?) She’s so tall, that she had only an inch to spare before hitting her head on the trailer ceiling.

Kloss’s ballet skills were out in full effect while shooting with Inez & Vinoodh. Naturally, Stephen Galloway the onset choreographer loved her. Beyond her remarkably versatile face (she can move from innocent to sophisticated to sultry by simply moving her lips), she’s a trained ballet dancer who leaps through sand in heels like she’s on stage at Lincoln Center. Needless to say, we were thrilled to chat one-on-one with the one and only supermodel darling.

JC: If you had to choose: East Coast or West Coast?

KK: I love the style, people and food of the West Coast, but it’s East Coast for me, baby.

 JC: What’s the most “LA” thing you got to do while you were in town shooting this campaign?

KK: The first night that my sister and I were in LA, we walked down to the end of Santa Monica Pier and had dinner and watched the sunset over the Pacific. It was so gorgeous! Oh, and the next morning I had Intelligentsia Coffee, that’s very “LA-ish” right? It was delicious.

 JC: We saw you Instagrammed a picture of a beach cruiser. Did you get to take a bike ride down the boardwalk?

KK: I did! I woke up early one morning before the shoot and I rented a bike and cruised along the boardwalk and watched the sunrise. I think I lost track of time and was a little late to work that morning! Whoops…

 JC: Rumor has it you’re a ballerina. Tell us about your dance background?

KK: I LOVE to dance! I studied classical Cecchetti ballet growing up, as well as jazz, tap, and pointe. It was more than a hobby—it was a passion.

 JC: How typical is it to have a choreographer (in this case Stephen Galloway) on set? Is it helpful to have him calling out cues and directing your movement?

KK: It is very rare I get to have a choreographer, much less a legend like Stephen Galloway, on set helping me work with the photographers to find the best angles and movement to capture.

 JC: You have some serious skills being able to leap wearing heels in the sand like that—and with so much grace! How was that?

KK: It was so much fun, just another day at the office. I am always jumping and leaping in six-inch heels so I don’t think anything of it, but I am usually in a studio in New York, not on Santa Monica Beach!

 JC: What’s the best part of working with Inez and Vinoodh?

KK: Inez and Vinoodh are incredible to work with! They are such thoughtful, caring and loving individuals, that it is no wonder they take such beautiful photos; they make their subjects feel so at ease.

 JC: We heard you calling this a “reunion shoot” with LeAnn. She remembers working with you when you were 15. How do you think you have changed over those four years—is modeling easier and/or more exciting for you now or back then?

KK: It feels like a lifetime ago! I feel so lucky to have worked with her again on this project. So much has changed and happened in the past five years, everyday is a new adventure.

 JC: We assume this was one of the more physical shoots you’ve done, especially the film. Were you having as much fun as you appeared to be? Was it harder than you made it look?

KK: I cannot wait to see the final cut on the video, it was so much fun to shoot! It was surprisingly hard to film the scenes that were choreographed, as the trick to no one getting hurt means everyone has to be precise with their timing and coordination.

 JC: The three-day shoot was during basketball finals and we picked up pretty quickly that you’re a fan. What’s your favorite team? Did you get to watch the game? Where?

KK: I am a huge sports fan. Being from St. Louis we don’t have a professional basketball team, so I temporarily adopted the OKC Thunder. I think they are a great, young team with lots of talent. One night, my sister and I stayed up late and ordered room service, watching the game but were unable to cheer them to victory.

 JC: You baked us cookies from your mom’s recipe. Is this a secret or would you care to share?

KK: Top secret! But I will send a batch your way very soon.

 JC: You said after you finish modeling you want to open Karlie’s Kitchen. Is that a real goal of yours?

KK: Absolutely! I am in the works of getting everything together for Karlie’s Kitchen as we speak.

 JC: What are some other specialties that you bake/cook?

KK: Give me any type of recipe and I would love to bake it! Most of my go-to recipes are from my mom’s recipe book.

 JC: You were talking about how you had camera crews follow you to prom last year…what was that like?

KK: It was very chaotic but a lot fun! In the end, I am so happy they were there to capture every moment.

Just so you can envy her that much more, we’ll leave you with our favorite Karlie quote of the day:  “Hang on! One more piece of chocolate, before we hit the beach!”