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Up Close | The Flower Truck

You’ve procured plenty of food off a truck, so why not flowers? We love this gal and her pretty garden on wheels.

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A few Saturdays ago we were strolling along Abbot Kinney when we came across one of the most genius things we’ve ever seen: The Flower Truck. While the name alone is self-explanatory, the charm is really something you must experience firsthand. And, after you meet owner and creator Jenifer Kaplan, you quickly understand why. We quickly got to  chatting with Kaplan and taking some photos of her and her truck. She’s super fun. We highly recommend tracking her down next time you’re in the area.

Here, she dishes with us on her truck’s name, lip freckles, Gerbertini’s and duh, flowers!

JC: How did The Flower Truck come about?

JK: I thought of the idea when someone gave me a little PVC collapsible vase, but the inspiration came from all of the amazing visual creativity of the food trucks. I really feel that flowers on your table are a necessity—even when money is tight.

JC: Where are your favorite spots to “park + sell”?

JK: I love Abbot Kinney in Venice, as well as Rose Avenue. Main Street in Santa Monica has been by ‘hood since my 20s so I am very at home there. Culver City has been great, and I especially like festivals and events.

JC: Do you think this business works particularly well in LA? Could you see a Flower Truck in a place like NYC?

JK: LA is so spread out and there are so many great places to have a shop, so why not go to all of them. I believe that mobile retail is the future, being convenient to your customer. It would be amazing in NY but for different reasons—everybody walks! Find a busy corner and business will boom.

JC: We heard that you call your truck “Lola.” Where did that name come from? Does she have a story?

JK: My dear friend Francesca dubbed her Lola, it fits her! I searched for months until I found the right truck, and it was only 5 blocks away. It was on Craigslist and I knew the moment I saw it. She is old though and needed a lot of work. I joke that the vinyl wrap (it’s not paint) serves as a kind of girdle and holds her together. She is in the shop as we speak, getting suspension work….

JC: Do you have a favorite flower? If so, what is it?

JK: I have so many favorites! Peony for sure. I love dahlias and garden roses. I like unusual flowers quite a bit, billy balls, coxcomb and celosia.

JC: Tell us one quirky or interesting thing about yourself. It doesn’t have to be related to flowers!

JK: I asked my friends for quirky or interesting things about me  got so many! I love to sing. I smell good. I’m funny as fuck. I like sauce on
everything. I have freckle on my lip that looks like pepper. I could go on, but some got a little over the top. I have a teenage son and a cat named Chicken.

JC: Would you share an arranging “how to” with our readers?

JK: I like to make arrangements out of several different kinds of flowers, but all one color, like green. The most important thing I tell my customers is ‘change the water!!!’ it will prolong the life of your flowers significantly. If your Gerbera daisies’ stems weaken and the heads droop, cut them all off at the base and float in martini glasses—Gerbertinis! Looks amazing as a tablescape.