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Get to Know | Kurt Collins

Wonder how it feels to get your butt kicked by Karlie Kloss?
This stuntman tells us.

We sat down with “Skater Guy” Kurt Collins during our fall film shoot to chat about moving from Kentucky to LA, being typecast as the “Hippie/Stoner” and of course, getting beat up by a supermodel….

JC: What was it like to work with Karlie Kloss?

KC: Not a lot of dudes get to be kicked in the chest by a supermodel, unless it’s by their bodyguard! She was sweet to work with. Inez and Vinoodh were also amazing, as always.

 JC: Is this the first time you’ve been beaten up by a girl? 

KC: I wish I could say no. My sister was a gymnast and soccer player, so the combination of those talents resulted in having Chun-Li from Street Fighter around the house. It hurt from time to time.

JC: Ha! Ouch. Girls kicking ass…we love it! So, we know you model and act. Is this type of stunt work also a regular gig for you?

KC: I did a stunt in a Shaun White video game commercial where I had to fall about 20 feet. Believe it or not that hurt less than my sister’s back flip kick.

JC: Nice work in that Shaun White video. Do you play the “Skater/Surfer/Snowboarder” guy a lot?

KC: I play the Skater Guy, the Surfer Guy, the Hippie Guy A LOT! I have no problem with that. Sean Penn did it. I’m down for making a career out of it.

JC: So, we heard you’re a Kentucky boy. Do you ever get star-struck in LA?

KC: The only time I have ever been star-struck was when I saw Dave Grohl at the mall. I’m a diehard Nirvana fan. So the fact that I was in the presence of someone who watched TV with Kurt Cobain almost made me faint. I literally sat on the ground when he walked by. My friend thought I broke my ankle and passed out cause I was having trouble breathing. My buddy tried to help me up. When I pointed at Dave, he shook his head and said, “You’re embarrassing.”

JC: That does sounds a little embarrassing. What do you like to do when you’re not acting?

KC: Writing. Writing. Writing. I’m in the process of creating a sitcom with my manager. I’m done writing, so now come the phone calls and pitching process and hearing the word “no” until I hear “yes.” I don’t give up easy.

JC: Awesome. We look forward to seeing more of you…

KC: I played the “Laguna/Hippie/Stoner” in Oliver Stone’s Savages. It’s a small part but I got to be directed by Mr. Stone and he’s an icon to me.

JC: Congrats!