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Get to Know | Zoe Cassavetes

The impossibly cool indie director of our Spring 2013 Fashion Film chats with us about Candice Swanepoel, James Bond and wine that won’t give you a hangover!


Last night we made our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week debut with a screening of our Spring 2013 fashion film at the Plaza in Lincoln Center. We collaborated with director Zoe Cassavetes to create the flirty and playful mini film, starring the beyond-gorgeous Candice Swanepoel. Zoe slowed down for a few minutes—she’s prepping to shoot her next film and when she’s not behind the camera, she’s in the kitchen cooking—to chat with us about fashion, film and the funny places we find inspiration.

JC: Where do you live?

ZC: These days I live in Paris.

JC: Which filmmakers and designers inspire you?

ZC: I love a lot of filmmakers but I’ll stick to some contemporary ones I love for the moment. I think Sarah Polley is amazing; so smart and has a really interesting take on things. I’m a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson and I can’t wait to see The Master.

JC: Tell us a little bit about why you wanted to combine fashion and film for Juicy?

ZC: I think film and fashion have always had a relationship. Now there is such access to watching short films, it makes sense and is a lot more fun than just traditional advertising.

JC: What was the inspiration behind the film?

ZC: Actually, it’s a weird inspiration. I was watching this funny French James Bond spoof film with Jean Dujardin called OSS 117: Lost in Rio and there is this moment where he is walking out by the pool and there all these super 1960′s inspired split screens. It’s funny where ideas can come from.

JC: How did you make this iconic vintage style feel more modern?

ZC: I think the clothes helped a lot, and Candice’s movements and her attitude were very modern.

JC: Tell us a little bit about how you created the look and feel of each vignette? Do you have a favorite?

ZC: I worked with the fabulous Juicy team and production designer Kate McCollough who is such a genius. Kate had such great ideas right from the beginning and she really understood what I wanted to accomplish, so it was a dream. I like all the vignettes for different reasons. We had a really great time shooting so I feel emotionally connected to each set.

JC: What was it like working with Candice?

ZC: Candice is AWESOME. I mean of course she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body that looked great in everything she was wearing, but she was such a nice and professional person. She really gave it her all every time. I just loved her.

JC: What projects are you working on now?

ZC: I’m always working on a million things, whether it be taking photographs, doing commercials, writings scripts… I’m also getting ready to shoot a movie in a couple of months so I’m kind of non-stop these days. Which makes me very happy.

JC: What’s your current non-fashion obsession?

ZC: Organic wine. My husband is French and comes from the Loire Valley region where they have these amazing wines. We were there this past summer and went to all the domaines we like and brought a bunch back home. You never get a hang over!

JC: Which fashion item can’t you live without right now?

ZC: Right now I would have to say a good lightweight scarf. The weather is changing and it’s the perfect transition item.

JC: Which fall movie are you most excited to see?

ZC: The new James Bond! And The Master.