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Guest Editor | Bonjour from Paris

Our guest editor Kyle Anderson reports from the front lines in Paris, including shopping trips, celeb run-ins and club sandwiches.


People, you may think being in Europe for fashion week is “all playing with the clothes” but Kyle assures us otherwise. From wheels up to wheels down, it’s work work work! Nonstop shows, appointments, dinners, drinks, and previews from morning until midnight. But, he did of course squeeze in a bit of time for napping and of course, shopping! Here, he fills us in on some other details of his glamorous trip…

JC: What are your favorite restaurants?

KA: The food in Paris is so much better than in Milan. I’m addicted to desserts, so for me, French desserts are much much more my taste. One place we go to almost every day is L’Avenue at 41 Avenue Montaigne. It’s weird that I know the address because the only other addresses I know are Chanel and Dior. I like to go to the same places because it feels a little bit like a routine, and when your day is chaos, it’s nice to eat at a familiar place. And more than at home, it seems we eat a lot of club sandwiches—and cappuccinos for the caffeine…We also went to Karat, a restaurant with amazing pastries and desserts.

JC: Favorite shopping destinations?

KA: We have off the first day so I always meet BryanBoy and my friend, model Simon Nygard, to spend the day together. He’s like my little brother. BryanBoy and I go to the same shows every hour  but we aren’t seated near each other so it’s a day we get to hangout and actually have an hour to sit down, talk and have fun. I always go to Givenchy because they have so much more men’s stuff than in NY. We ALWAYS go to Starbucks. It’s one of the first things I do when I get to Paris because Milan has no Starbucks and I’m addicted to the caffeine. Also, I go with Nina Garcia our fashion director to Montaine Market to look at the jewelry and we go to Azzedine Alaia. Always.

JC: Any good celeb sightings?

KA: I’m really bad at noticing who celebs are. I’m more into random hot male model sightings than noticing who any celebs are. But at Chanel we saw J.Lo, who was seated next to the American editors section. She was there with her little girl. Who else? Kanye. J.Lo was also near us at Valentino. I guess she’s making the rounds this year. I do like her music and she’s pretty hot. We saw Amanda Seyfried at Miu Miu. I’m obsessed with her character in Mean Girls. I wanted to ask her how to spell “orange.”

JC:  Any tips for staying fresh and focused while traveling?

KA: Coffee…That’s all I can recommend, and choosing to sleep instead of partying. I get tired so easily. And don’t drink too much—there is a party for some designer every night. I try not to drink more than one drink ever. Also bronzer! Just put on a lot of bronzer and wear sunglasses. It works.

JC: What were your best purchases?

KA: I bought black shorts and leggings at Givenchy. That’s all I’m into these days.

JC: What can we gals be most excited about come spring 2013?

KA: We saw lots of clear Lucite clutches. A big trend everywhere from Gucci to Valentino to Stella. Very cute. Also, plastic colored accessories. Clutches at Roger Vivier, Chanel. We saw funky couture versions of Birkenstocks at Celine, Chanel and Giambattista Valli, all very cute.