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Up Close | Kerin Rose of A-Morir

Get to know our new girl crush Kerin and learn what makes this unbelievably creative chick tick!


Recently we jumped at the chance to interview and get to know the absolutely fabulous Kerin Rose of A-Morir, the company that produces those outrageous sunglasses seen on everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga. She’s the genius behind the fabulous frames that Candice Swanepoel sports in our spring fashion film. We quickly fell in love with Kerin, her company and her amazingly quirky view of everything from fashion to salad to altruism (she and her sister are in the final stages of establishing their non profit We Love Your Guts – you can find out more about it at Read on to fall in love yourselves…

JC: If high school Spanish taught us anything, it’s that A-Morir translates to “to die.” Any particular reason behind the morbid name for your rocking company?

KR: I went to Madrid in 2005 and saw an exhibit on Argentinian artists in their museum of contemporary art.  There was a black and white video tryptic by Miguel Angel Rios called “A-morir” of 100 wooden spinning tops fighting to their death. I can’t explain why but I was more moved by that piece than I have been by any piece of artwork before or since and promised myself that if I were to ever start my own business I would name it after what touched me so much in hopes of touching others the same way.  I also hope to create things that bring people so much joy that a little bit of themselves dies when they see it.

JC: What inspired you to start A-Morir? Where does one train to create such unique and fabulous pieces of eye-wear?

KR: I was inspired to start my bespoke eye-wear line after pave’ing my first piece of eye-wear on a whim.  I’ve always been artistic; I was a regionally recognized painter in my teens and used to make my own clothes.  I’ve been putting crystals on things since I was really young and had some extra crystals and a pair of glasses so I figured I’d put two and two together.  The response was so strong to that first pair that I made a few to sell and they kept selling so I kept making them!  Very quickly I was able to turn it from a little hobby into a full fledged business releasing two collections a year, showing in Paris, being recognized as a New Talent by Vogue Italia in Milan, getting placements in international versions of Vogue and gracing the faces of your and my favorite pop stars.  Everything that I do is self taught.  I didn’t go to fashion school, I didn’t go to business school,  I was a pop culture historian at NYU.  I was a serious academic who has always been very creative.

 JC: Do you have a favorite frame?

KR: That would be like trying to make me choose my favorite child.  They’re all my favorites.

 JC: Tell us a bit about your love of music.

KR: What’s not to love?  Music has always been a driving force in my life.  My mother would blast classical music throughout the house while I was a kid and  My father plays piano and accordion by ear, and I was very lucky that when I found their Beatles vinyl when I was 4 years old, they taught me how to use the record player so I could play them.  I play piano and every instrument with strings, and i was a competitive singer. Music has always been a great outlet for emotion and creativity and I wanted to honor that part of my life.  At NYU I studied the co-dependance of the spectacles of fashion and the spectacles of music in popular and subcultures.  So I felt that it was only right to integrate music into my fashion line.

JC: If you were to create a Juicy-inspired frame, what would be some key elements that you would include?

KR: Let me just say that I would love to do a Juicy collaboration.  I think it would be amazing!!!!!!  If I had my druthers I would go back to classic Juicy and make some really awesome velour flocked frames.  I would love to include a few of the really cute charm accents as well, they’re like a big girls version of Pokemon and I feel like you’ve gotta collect em all! I have two words for Juicy Couture: CALL ME! Lets collab!

 JC: We love your description of accessories as fundamentally supplemental and reasoning that they should be outrageous; we too tend to push the bar when it comes to taking accessorizing risks. In what ways do you take risks in your personal fashion?

KR: I don’t think I take many risks in my personal fashion, I just dress as I am.  I’ve been taking risks since my parents let me dress myself at the age of 4 so I’ve been doing this for a while.  The biggest risks I take now are buying investment pieces as opposed to fast fashion.  I’ve shifted over to purchasing quality garments that will last me a long time – it’s really makes you think more about how you spend your money.  It’s great not to end up with a closet full of crap because impulse shopping stops existing when you’re looking at a dress that cost $500 as opposed to $50.  But I guess I take a risk everyday by dressing true to my character.  I wish more people would be secure in who they are and feel freer to dress truer to their character and not care about what’s appropriate.  It’s a very joyous and liberating experience to live a life of ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go.’

JC: What are your current fashion and non-fashion obsessions?

KR: I finally bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots and I’ve wanted them for years and now I can’t stop wearing them.  I wear them around my house in my pajamas if I’m working from home.  I’m obsessed with the work that my friends are doing right now- the jewelry line Assad Mounser, eye-wear line Grey Ant, garter leggings by Sena, and leather harnesses by Zana Bayne.  And I recently bought a knee-length red car coat.  With matching red lipstick it makes you look put together really quickly!  And I’m obsessed with A-Morir’s SS13 lookbook.  I got my parents to model for me and I’m not being biased when I say it’s the best thing ever!!!  As for non-fashion obsessions I just bought a kilo of Mu16 Tea by the brand Haiku.  This time of year makes my obsession with candy corn way more insane (I have a candy corn tattoo… it’s a serious obsession.)  I’ve been obsessed with weight lifting and running along the East River.  And also having giant salad parties at my house.

For additional information on Kerin and A-Morir, check her out on Twitter @kerinsworld and @amorireyewear, on Facebook at and Instagram @kerinsworld. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Kerin Rose.