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Get It | Power Presence

Conquer your fitness goals (and the entire room at that upcoming holiday party) with these tips from Pilates Pro, Andrea White.


Practicing Pilates with Andrea White has helped us build strength from the inside out. We adore her upbeat attitude as much as we enjoy her class and (needless to say are oh-so-jealous of her picture-perfect frame) we definitely believe that the way a woman carries herself is just as important as what she’s wearing. With experience as a trained dancer, actress and choreographer for music videos, theater and film, Andrea is our go-to guru for commanding center stage.

Even if you can’t attend one of her classes in LA, we encourage you to follow her best practices to engage your own “Power Presence:”

  • Workout and get into your body daily. While the recommended amount of exercise for women is three to four hours a week, do yourself a favor and spend 10-15 minutes on the “off day” stretching or pick a few strength exercises such as plank or push-ups to keep your body feeling good. Working out gives you energy and vitality.
  • Stay calm. Take deep breaths to keep the stress at bay.  Take a yoga or Pilates class that specifically guides you into active breathing. Allowing yourself to focus on the breath will center you.
  • Be assertive and confident. Body language speaks volumes. Wear a confident attitude and smile, even if you aren’t feeling one hundred percent. As the old adage goes, “Fake it ‘til you make it!”
  • Posture is important. Stand tall with shoulders back and lead with heart. Pilates is excellent for improving posture and adapting the grace of a dancer. Physical openness exudes charisma, which will attract people to you.
  • Be present in the moment. Maintain eye contact, sit up straight and simply listen. Truly connecting to people goes a long way.

Always remember to keep her 5 C’s in mind:

  1. Calm
  2. Confident
  3. Connected to your body & breath
  4. Core activated posture
  5. Courage! Be proud of who you are.

Pro tip: Practice Pilates regularly — in doing so you will look taller, leaner & more open!

Photos by Gary Fitzpatrick for