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Wild at Heart | Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

Enjoy our heart to heart with the beauty and brains behind The Glamourai and our very first Wild at Heart ambassador. Tune in for Kelly’s insight into style, inspiration and being wild at heart…


JC: The wildest thing you’ve worn without regret?

KF: I spent most of my teens and early twenties trying out every hair color and style imaginable. The most outrageous was an asymmetric, tricolor pixie ~ mixing platinum, navy and burgundy tresses. All at the same time. That was wild but I rocked it proudly at the time!

JC: Your ultimate fashion adventure?

KF:! Since launching the site nearly five years ago, I’ve been on a nonstop fashion adventure. It’s taken me all around the world and brought so many experiences and characters into my life that I otherwise never would have been exposed to. It’s a nonstop roller coaster ride, and I absolutely love it!

JC: Everyone has a staple look, what’s yours?

KF: Any sort of loose, collared shirt has a place in my world ~ draped in silk, cotton, or slinky knits, I collect them maniacally.

JC: Jump off a cliff into the ocean or kiss a perfect stranger, which dare is more your style?

KF: Cliff jumping is more my speed; I’m way too shy with strangers.

JC: If you are going to dare to go there, what skin are you willing to show on the red carpet?

KF: I think a woman’s back is really beautiful, and showing a little skin there is an elegant way to bare while still maintaining a bit of mystery.

JC: Which fashion icon do you consider wild at heart?

KF: Coco Chanel! She took some seriously wild risks long before women were allowed to do so.

JC: What’s the one time you’re glad you didn’t play it safe?

KF: When I was studying for my design degree I really let my ideas run wild and created some truly crazy clothes. I look back at them now and they are these colorful, gravity-defying sculpture pieces ~ not the sort of thing anyone could wear everyday, but I think fashion school is the time to flex all those kooky creative muscles. If not then, when?!

JC: Which book, movie or song inspires you to push the envelope?

KF: Tim Walker’s ‘Pictures’ has been a huge inspiration in my styling work. I love flipping through it when I’m beginning research for a shoot, because every time I open it I notice a detail I hadn’t before, and come away with new ideas for how to challenge myself artistically.

JC: What’s the one thing about yourself that can’t be contained?

KF: My absolute passion for the work that I do. Creating photo shoots and fashion stories is an obsession for me. I invest in each new project with every fiber of my being, obsessing for every detail, living and breathing for the pictures and worlds I dream up and bring to fruition, whatever the cost. It’s what keeps me up at night and what gets me out of bed in the morning.

JC: What’s your passion for fashion when it comes to hitting the red carpet?

KF: I love, love, love any opportunity to put on a gown. I love the old-school glamour of it, the way they make me feel so womanly and regal. It always feels like such a privilege.

JC: Who’s the wildest person you’d like to sit next to at the VMAs?

KF: I think Rihanna would be an entertaining seat mate. I’d pretend not to be spying over her shoulder as she Instagrams selfies the whole time.

JC: What’s the wildest MTV red carpet moment you’d like to reenact?

KF: Why recreate a moment when you can make your own? I’d treat the event like a couture shoot and don the most outrageous gown, topped off with an epic handmade crown ~ my signature finishing touch.